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Australia's Best Teachers

Since Grandmaster Terence Walsh introduced Tae Kwon Do to Sydney in the late 1960s, Walsh Martial Arts Australia (WMAA) has graduated over 1,000 black belts and 12 masters. 

Our success comes from knowing how to teach everyday people in a safe, structured and supervised way. From White Belt to Black Belt to Master, we have made traditional martial arts accessible to everyday people: families, professionals and elder Australians alike.       

Our teaching philosophy is ‘better each day’. This means we focus on progress over perfection and inspire a health-for-life approach in all our students.

WMAA teaches self-defence, not ‘fighting’. Younger students learn bully-proofing without violence. Teens and adults learn to defend themselves and others responsibly and lawfully. Through traditional exercises, breathing techniques, science and philosophy taught properly by Australia’s best teachers, you will quickly improve your confidence, competence and resilience.

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