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SENIOR appointments 2023

WMAA Masters congratulate the following Black Belts on their appointments:

  • Mr Peter Pickernell 4th Dan Black Belt
  • Mr Gordon Gong 3rd Dan Black Belt
  • Ms Emily Bobis 3rd Dan Black Belt
  • Mr Nicholas Bobis 3rd Dan Black Belt

Each candidate has met a minimum period of active time in grade. This period involves many years of dedicated and regular practice. It cannot be lessened for convenience or by petition. The active time period involves attendance at all WMAA National Black Belt seminars and weekly training with their peers under the supervision of senior dan holders.  

Each candidate has been observed during the period of active time in grade to be a person of good fame and character. It is not sufficient that the candidate is a capable Black Belt. It is necessary and essential that candidates also be observed to be people of good fame and character and that this be demonstrated in and out of the dojang.

Finally, each candidate has demonstrated all technical competencies pertinent to their next level. These competencies have been directly assessed by Grandmaster Walsh.