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Why Us?

We are Australia’s best teachers.

Since 1967, we have graduated over 1,000 Australians to black belt level.

Our success comes from knowing how to teach everyday people in a safe, structured and supervised way.

Our teaching philosophy is ‘better each day’. 

Using this proven approach to skills development, we counter the damaging effects of competitive-comparison with others that is so prevalent in modern society. By replacing competition and comparison with others with persistence, resilience, respect and virtue, we empower the individual to be their best self.  

Younger students learn bully-proofing without violence, self-confidence and gross motor skills that equip them for an active and healthy life.

Teenagers learn ethical values, respect for others and personal discipline away from screens and social media.

Adults learn how to defend themselves and others in their care responsibly and lawfully, and connect the mind, body and spirit for better health and wellbeing.

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Finding the right school

Not all schools are the same. What they teach; how they teach; and why they teach can differ remarkably. Since we began teaching in 1968, our advice on finding the right school for you and your family has essentially remained the same:

1. visit a number of schools;

2. watch a lesson (not a free trial or demo class) being taught by your proposed instructor; and

3. take careful note of the students and how they interact with the instructor and one another.

During the lesson, ask yourself these simple questions:   

  • is the class being conducted in a safe, structured and supervised way;
  • does the instructor encourage good class discipline for everyone's safety and learning;
  • is the training language consistent with what the school claims to be teaching (listen for terms like fighting and winning; these are not the same as self defence and "better each day"); and
  • are the students role modelling personal discipline, courtesy and respect for self and others?

Trust what you see and hear then make the right decision for you and your family.

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